Westie Terrier

The most important thing you can do to insure a happy relationship with your West Highland Terrier is train the little darling. Many of the vices often attributed to Westies are actually the result of poor (or no) training and are not inherent in the breed at all.

Like all small, cute dogs, Westies often get away with very bad behavior. The owner simply doesn't feel comfortable enforcing any kind of standards or expectations on anything so cute. That means that any discipline or correction is half-hearted and doesn't take and soon that sweet little dog is behaving like a spoiled prince. This is a big mistake.

The basis of all dog training is leash training with a proper training lead and an appropriate collar. A lot of Westie owners go with a flexi leash and a harness because they think they are being kind. In fact, this combination guarantees failure. It is flat impossible to train a dog with a retractable leash and you can't give an effective correction when the dog is wearing a harness. Simply can't be done.

Little white dogs need rules, boundaries and limitations just as much as Rottweilers and Pitbulls. In fact, their psychology demands this structure. You may think you are being kind by being lax, but all you do is make your dog insecure.

So please folks, do yourself and your Westie a favor and master the principals of dog leash training. There are many sites and products that can provide dog training tips that will go a long way towards establishing the relationship you want with your dog, so make use of them. Also, there are many shows on TV about dog training and everything they teach there works wonderfully for West Highland Terriers. My two favorites are Dog Whisperer and At the End of My leash. Cesar Millan and Brad Pattison are the patron saints of everything I try to do with my dog.

So, take this training stuff seriously. The best way to approach this is to start when your dog is still a puppy and hasn't developed any vices, but its never too late to start. Get going folks! You owe it to yourself, your Westie Terrier, and the world at large. Start Now!


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    August 2009



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